3D milling: Roadtec RX-900 series toggle switches for automatics

This guide explains how to install toggle switches on a Roadtec milling machine for use with 3D-MC.

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3D milling: Roadtec RX-900 series toggle switches for automatics


You can enable automatics by using the factory Roadtec joystick and 3D-MC on Roadtec milling machines.

When automatics are activated on either the left or right joystick, both left and right sides of the machine go into full automatics simultaneously, regardless of which joystick side was activated. This leaves the operator with no control over the left or right sides individually.

In order to select whichever side is desired, either for manual operation or automatic operation, toggle switches must be installed that interrupt the signal for either the left or right sides.

System requirements

  • CAN capable Roadtec Series 600/700/900 with Roadtec ACE System already installed. Verify the serial number by contacting Roadtec.
  • Reconfiguration of the CAN system performed remotely by Roadtec technical support (1-800-272-7100)
  • Two 24 V Toggle Switches ordered from Roadtec: P/N: 13E68
  • 3D-MC v12.1.436 or higher


  1. Locate wires RCC46 and RCC47 inside of the center console on the right side bundled up. You may have to track these down, as they can be tied up in the harness on some machines.
  1. Locate and remove the left and right knock outs for the toggle switches labeled MECHANICAL GRADE CONTROL.
  1. Route positive 24 V wire RCC46 to the left side toggle and then to the chassis ground (Illustration A).
  2. Route positive 24 V wire RCC47 to the right side and then to the chassis ground.
  3. Both grounds were placed inside the center console on the left rear corner existing ground (Illustration B).
  1. Insert the toggle switches into the switch panel in the correct on/off position, with off facing down and on facing up.

The ultimate control for both sides is still the joystick button, but this will allow you to toggle individual sides to standby when needed.