Topcon Ireland is sponsoring the Third Level Course – Postgraduate, Special Purpose or Distance Learning category at the Irish Construction Excellence Awards 2018 as part of our ongoing commitment to support training and development in the industry.

The awards were founded in 1993 and aim to recognise and celebrate the best in Irish construction. As an industry, construction is constantly pushing the boundaries by finding new, more sophisticated ways to build in order to meet increasing demands on infrastructure. Ireland has a part to play in this and, as such, we’ve seen building and construction output in Ireland increase by over 13% year on year in the second quarter of 2017 alone.

Celebrating this excellence is vital to demonstrating how Ireland is contributing to technical advancement on a global stage, while also setting the precedent for future build projects.

Developing the industry’s skills and enhancing the training of the next generation of construction and engineering professionals is key to continuing this success. It’s something that we’re hugely passionate about at Topcon - collaborating with the wider industry to help overcome critical issues, such as the skills gap. That’s why we’re committed to supporting and training the next generation of engineers through our partnerships with third level colleges and universities in Ireland.

Over the past year, we’ve visited four colleges across Ireland and provided equipment to over 200 students. In doing so, we’ve been able to work closely with professors to enhance the training that’s available to construction and engineering students in Ireland by giving them access to the most cutting-edge technology and work processes that are available outside of the classroom.

By aligning with the Irish Construction Excellence Awards, we’re able to celebrate all the hard work Third Level educators are doing to close the construction industry skills gap, and be inspired by new ways to drive this in the future.

You can enter the awards by heading to the Irish Construction Excellence Awards website

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