Land surveys are not just important for developing maps to navigate with when travelling; they are vital for helping us set and confirm property boundaries. This type of mapping – called “cadastral surveys” – enables businesses and individuals to know exactly how much land they own, as well as allowing governments to understand precisely where development is taking place.

However, making the mapping process as simple, efficient and, above all, as accurate as possible requires high performance, precision surveying technology. This is why the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) – the public body responsible for carrying out these boundary-setting surveys in Finland – has  just signed a four-year deal to use Topcon’s HiPer SR Network GNSS receivers in its work.

HiPer SR receivers are surveying products that use satellite navigation to work out the precise location of a site or landmark on the earth’s surface. In doing so, they can map property and confirm boundaries to a high degree of accuracy. They are simple and straightforward to set up and can automatically track all satellites as the pass overhead, speeding up the mapping process and reducing the time NLS team members need to spend out in the field.

In addition, the receivers also feature Topcon’s specialist data collection software, MAGNET® Field. This allows all the receivers on a site to share the data they’ve gathered with each other – and transmit it to NLS offices – in real time, allowing NLS team members to update their maps as they work.

By allowing information to be shared and analysed while it is being collected, this kind of technology can save time and minimise the risk of errors, improving efficiency and precision – especially important for NLS, because of the need for accuracy when setting and confirming property boundaries.

The roll-out of the equipment will be carried out over the next few months to help the NLS further improve its work.

Find out more here about the features of the HiPer SR Network GNSS receiver, as well as the benefits of MAGNET® Field.  

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