Blog: Revolutionising surveys with mobile mapping

In our latest blog, Mat Kellett – UAS & OEM product manager at Topcon - explores how LandScope Engineering Ltd, a surveying and geospatial engineering provider, has introduced the IP-S3 mobile mapping system into its survey workflows to expand its portfolio.

With over 12 years’ experience providing surveying and data management, LandScope has traditionally focused on carriageway mobile mapping for the engineering, built infrastructure and environmental sectors. To help expand the business portfolio, LandScope wanted to be able to mount its mobile mapping device onto a variety of vehicles so it could do both land and water based surveys. This meant the IP-S3 was a perfect fit.

Here are three interesting ways LandScope has been using Topcon’s IP-S3.

Coastal surveying


By mounting the IP-S3 onto a four-wheel drive buggy, LandScope has been able to access difficult to reach areas and create 4D models of coastal scenes.

Mobile GPR

Using a combination of the IP-S3’s trajectory feature and LandScope’s own in-house apps, LandScope has been able to collect ground-penetrating radar data over large survey areas, quickly and efficiently.

Marine surveys

Attaching the mobile mapping system to a boat, LandScope is able to gather point cloud data and photography for inspection and mapping. The team then integrate this with hydrographic data-sets to create an above and below water 3D model.

Please click here to find out more about the IP-S3.

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