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Scaled solutions for farmers, agronomists and multi-user environments provide
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GNSS Correction Network

GNSS Correction Services for Precision Agriculture

GNSS correction networks provide data signals via cell connection that make GNSS far more accurate. Based on the data model subscribed to, accuracy can improve from 1 meter all the way to 2 centimeters. Several options exist within this range, based on crop and operation type. Topcon rooftop receivers are ready to ingest these data-based corrections and provide your operation with all the accuracy you need to have repeatable success.

TopNETlive for Precision Ag – Real Time GNSS Reference Station Network

Designed to meet the unique needs of our customers, TopNETlive provides a wide range of subscription services. Network RTK, RTK, and DGNSS corrections can be utilized via a variety of subscription packages. TopNETlive delivers high quality, GNSS correction data to rovers used in agricultural applications such as seeding and planting. TopNETlive has coverage in agricultural areas throughout North America.

Data Management for Farmers


Bring soil testing, yield, as-applied and crop sensor data together, and create flat or variable rate maps. Using templates based on proven recommendation methods, the process eliminates complex equation creation without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Export rate maps for use in Topcon in-cab control systems, and also generate reports emphasizing a wide range of variables. Integrate Bing Maps imagery as desired.



How much of which nutrients to apply is a science many find daunting. Topcon uses that science in the background to help you better understand crop performance and make more accurate application plans. Growers can easily and effectively create multi-product and variable-rate plans that are customized to local conditions and requirements.

Professional Agronomy


The Topcon professional agronomy solution allows users to easily create flat or variable rate application plans, utilizing any number of variables, for one or multiple products. With numerous batch processes for report/book creation, multiple map/machine type creation and field boundary importing tools, this is the preferred solution for the agronomist or technological-minded farmer looking to maximize efficiency while limiting down-time in the office.

Analysis for the Professional Agronomist

Analysis for the Professional Agronomist

Building on the industry-leading Esri ArcGIS Engine 10, our professional agronomy solution features an industry-exclusive process for tailoring variable rate applications to include local requirements and customer requests. This is the most powerful agronomic tool available to allow users to guide the development and implementation of accurate variable rate applications.

Multi-User Data Management

Multi-User Data Management

This solution combines cloud-based data handling and messaging between users, with powerful agronomy software that allows multiple users to access and edit the same data set. Together, you get a robust solution for services providers or large operations seeking to take advantage of a single, unified data management solution. Connect from the field or the office to share data or to communicate, or open the SGIS software on your desktop, and access the same data set that others also use, so that all work is combined.

Provide agronomy services,
and share completed data remotely

Provide agronomy services, and share completed data remotely

For agronomists and other service providers, you can work individually, or as a team, and keep the data in the cloud, using cloud delivery to your clients. Secure data handling maintains confidentiality of data, so users only see and access data for them, and them only. Your clients can also share their application maps with you via cloud sharing, so you have the latest records without lots of manual, error-prone file handling.

Products to suit any size operation

From farmers, to services, to large operations, choices for connectivity and management.

Topcon Enterprise Solutions are revolutionary anytime/anywhere connectivity and remote
management solutions that will make every geospatial and construction firm more productive.

Topcon Tierra
Topcon Tierra

Remote maintenance and diagnostic of assets for improved performance

Topcon is rightly famed for ease of use. We take great pride and care in developing interfaces that provide visibility and feedback, easy to understand design, and finely-calibrated control. Our goal is to support your ability to accomplish your tasks, and our consoles and displays are the foundation.


7” customizable touchscreen console for in-field growing applications in agriculture.

12.1" premium console for agriculture

The modern farm is increasingly data-driven. From planning and monitoring to compliance and documentation, Topcon has solutions for you to gain command of your data, and achieve another level of productivity.

Grain Cart Weighing
Grain Cart Weighing

Grain weighing cart and data organization tool
CL-55 cloud connectivity device
CL-55 cloud connectivity device

Automatic data transfer from fleet tracking and key applications

The use of crop sensing technology in cereal and grain crops to measure nutrition needs is one of the fastest growing segments in precision farming. Topcon solutions monitor in-field variability, treat on-the-go, or save data for future analysis and creation of prescription maps.

Crop Health Monitoring (CropSpec)
Crop Health Monitoring (CropSpec)

Crop monitoring for optimized application

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