Pocket 3D: Stakeout - Options (Measure tab)

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  • From the main screen select <Survey>
  • From the Survey menus select the <Stake-out> option
  • The Stake-out menu allows for selecting the feature to be staked
  • Surface checking
  • Addition of a vertical offset
  • configuration of the staking routine
  • Selecting the <options> tab will open the mearment menu
  • This menu allows for setting measurement and viewing options for each item.
  • The predefined navigaton options are available from the drop down menu
  • Custom options are also availble.
  • Selecting custom allows for a user defined navigation view and display
  • The custom field can be defined by selecting the Wrench icon adjacent to the desired field
  • Choose the desired information as needed
  • Select font size and color
  • This can be defined for Points Surfaces and  Roads
  • Select <OK> to save