Pocket 3D: Stake-Out - Polyline

How to stake a polyline in Pocket 3D.

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Pocket 3D: Stake-Out - Polyline

Step 1-Selecting A Polyline

Select The Crosshair On The Green Button In The Lower Right Hand Corner

Step 2

Use The Stylus To Select The Polyline You Want To Stake-Out, The Polyline Will Now Become Dashed

Step 3

Select The Survey Tab

Step 4

Select The Stake-Out Option

Step 5

Select The Polyline Option

Step 6

Click On The Small Arrow Box, Then Select The Feature You Would Like To Stake Out On The Polyline

Step 7

Select The Elevation Tab. Then Use The Arrow To Select The Surface Feature You Want To Use For Elevation Reference

Step 8

The Polyline Stake-Out Parameters Will Now Be Displayed On the Bottom Left Hand Corner

Step 9 Stop Stake-Out

Select The Survey Tab

Step 10

Select The Stop Stake-Out Option

Step 11

The Screen Will Now Return To The Map View

Step 12-Deselect The Polyline

Hold The Stylus On A Blank Portion Of The Screen, Then Select Clear Selection