Pocket 3D: Setting up a Total Station over known control points

Setting up a total station on known control points using Pocket3D

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Pocket 3D: Setting up a Total Station over known control points

After creating the equipment file for your instrument, you will need to setup the location of the total station in relation to your jobsite.

This will walk through how to setup the total station on a known point with a backsight on a known point.  Therefore, you must have at least two control points specified in the active project file.

  • Setup you total station over one of the control points.  This should preferrably be a point where you have a good line of sight to a majority of your jobsite.
  • Once the instrument is leveled, connect to the Total Station by hitting Survey > Connect... and pick the Bluetooth serial number of the Total Station from the list.
  • Now, go to Setup > Station Setup...

Under Setup method, there are five choices:

  • Known station & BS pts: The total station and the backsight prism both occupy known control points.
  • Known station & azimuth: The total station occupies a known point and a direction will be established with an azimuth bearing.
  • New station by resection: The total station occupies an unknown point, but there are at least two known control points within direct line of sight of the instrument.
  • Unknown point: The total station occupies an unknown point and you will specify it's coordinates.
  • Backsight Check: A quick check to a prism backsight to ensure the instrument's accuracy.

For this example, we will select Known station & BS pts.

  • Now, set the instrument height by pulling a tape measure from the control point to the measure mark on the total station.  That measurement is entered in the Instrument Height field.

*NOTE* The height measurement is a slant measurement from control point to measure mark on total station.

  • Hit the Station button to find the control point the instrument is on.
  • Hit the Backsight button to find the control point the prism is on.
  • The BS has prism/tape (w.SD) box is for using a prism as the backsight.
  • The Meas. reflectorless box is if you wish to shoot reflectorless and not use a prism.
  • Enter the target height.  This is the measurement from center of prism to tip of prism pole (or to the control point if the prism is on a tripod).
  • Enter the prism type and it's prism constant.
  • You can now use the Search button to look for the prism target.  Once the prism is locked on, hit Next.
  • You may be prompted to turn the total station and sight in the prism.  Once doing so, hit OK.
  • Pocket3D will then display the calculated error of your backsight shot.  The values shown here should be very minimal as the total station is a high-accuracy instrument.  Ideally, the S/H/V. Dist numbers should be around 0.01'
  • If the backsight observation numbers are adequate, hit OK to store the shot.
  • Once the station setup is complete, some additional options now appear under the Survey button.
  • Start tracking: Puts the total station into track mode so it will automatically follow the prism.
  • Search: Starts a search pattern to find the prism if lock has been lost.
  • Turn instrument: Manually turns the instrument using arrow keys.

*NOTE* Depending on distance from the instrument, there may be a delay between hitting the arrow keys and the instrument turning.

  • EDM: Defines the mode of the Electronic Distance Measurement
  • Reflectorless: Allows the total station to operate in reflectorless mode, eliminating the need for a prism.  Line of sight with the target must still be maintained.