Pocket 3D: Measure - Topo Points

Recording topo shots

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Pocket 3D: Measure - Topo Points

One of the primary uses of Pocket3D on jobsites is the Topo shot function.

This can be used to collect locations on existing structures such as manholes, light fixtures and conduit lines.  

Data can be sorted into numerous layers for easier management.

  • To take a topo shot, go to Survey > Measure pts > Topo-shot

In the Topo-shot screen, there are several options.

  • Pt. number: The number assigned to the point being shot.
  • Pt. descriptor: A description of the point.  Descriptions are optional, but can aid in organizing point information.  Common examples would be MH (manhole), TOP (top of slope), TOE (toe of slope) and EP (edge of pavement).
  • Add to layer: What layer the point will be added to.
  • PoleHeight: Height of the GNSS rover from the tip of the rod.  This should be the same as specified in the equipment builder file.
  • Meas.to: Where PoleHeight is measured to from the rod tip.
  • Once all the options are set as needed, hit OK to start taking the shot.

It is important to keep the GNSS rover level and steady when taking a topo shot.  Movement while taking the shot will cause errors.

While shooting the topo shot, Pocket3D will display the current satellite count, horizontal/vertical precision, duration of the shot and how many measurements have been collected.

By default, Pocket3D needs three measurements to collect a topo shot.  This can be changed in the Measure pts Options menu.

  • Once a topo shot has been taken, additional shots can easily be taken by hitting the Enter key on the data collector.
  • This will still prompt you with the Topo-shot screen if you wish to change layers or the description of the point.
  • Hitting OK or the Enter key again will take the shot.