Pocket 3D: Import/Export - Points to a PT3 file

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  • The PT3 file is Topcon's proprietary file format just for transferring point data.
  • To export the points, go to Data > Points > Import/Export > To PT3...
  • You will have the option to select all points, only points that are selected on the screen or points by a defined layer.
  • By default, Pocket3D will save the file to the Topcon\3DMC\ folder on the collector.  This can be changed by hitting the three dot box next to Target file.
  • Set the target file location to the USB drive.  Depending on the style of data collector you are using, this can be shown as the D:\ drive or USBHardDisk
  • If the Append to target file checkbox is checked, the points can be appended to an existing text file.
  • Hit the OK button to export the points.