Pocket 3D: Import/Export - Linework to an LN3 file

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  • Pocket3D can export linework from a project in an LN3 file.  The LN3 format is Topcon's proprietary file format for transferring linework between Topcon construction software.
  • To export linework, go to Data > Linework > Import/Export > To LN3...
  • You will have the option to pick all lines, only lines selected on the screen or lines in a specific layer.  For this example, we are exporting all linework on the PAD LINES layer.
  • Hit the triple dot box next to Target file to specify where the file is saved to.  
  • If you are saving to a USB drive, you must make sure to specify the correct path for the USB drive.  By default, Pocket3D saves files to the internal 3DMC folder on the data collector.
  • Find the location of your USB drive.  This should be shown as D:\ or USBHardDisk, depending on the style of data collector you are using.
  • Once you have found the USB drive, hit Save.


  • Checking the Append to target file box will add the linework to an existing LN3 file.
  • Hit the OK button to export the linework.