Pocket 3D: Avoidance Area

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  • Start by selecting the <Data> tab from the main menu.
  • From the dropdown menu select <Layers>
  • Choose the <Avoidance > tab
  • From the Layers list, select the layer that contains the objects or areas you wish to avoid.
  • Once the layer is selected, choose the <Mode> tab.  This will toggle between a 2D and 3D option.
  • A 2D mode is horizontal only
  • A 3D mode allows you to select horizontal and Above/Below
  • Once the layer and mode are set, choose the <Proximity> button to set the desired distance away from the object you need to maintain.
  • The <Surf. Mode> button allows you to set the direction of avoidance. The options are, Above, Below, Above/Below, or Outside.
  • Select <OK> to save changes and return to the main screen. 
  • An alarm will now sound and the screen will flash when within the set parameters of the avaidance criteria.