MAGNET Collage: Advantages of Cloud-to-Cloud Registration

What is Cloud-to-Cloud Registration?

  • When two or more clouds are integrated based on a 3D shape.
  • In order for Cloud-to-Cloud to work you will need the following:
    • There should be an overlapping area between the scan position data
    • There should be sufficient “distinct and characteristic shapes” in the overlapping area.
    • Execute with the scan data position and specification roughly matches as initial condition
    • Align by methods such as occupation point/backsight point method, resection method, and manual registration to roughly match the positions. 

When can I use Cloud-to-Cloud?

  • It can be used without registration with tie points or occupation point/backsight point, or manual registration
  • After executing occupation point/backsight point registration
  • After executing tie point registration
  • After executing manual registration

This can be done to improve the integrated data. 

How to use Cloud-to-Cloud Registration

  • Select the scan position that needs to be registered.
  • Go to Ribbon – select Fuse > Manual
  • Use Shift + Left-drag to translate the scan position to the desired position
  • Select Rotate under Manual Registration on left
  • Use Shift + Left-drag to rotate the scan position to the desired orientation. 
  • Select the Model and go to Fuse
  • Select Cloud-to-Cloud.
  • Select the one scan position that needs to be registered and one that has good overlap
  • Touch Add to Selected Stations

  • Move the scan station with the most overlap to the top
  • Click Register.