GTL-1000: Using the scanning module

How to use the scanning module in MAGNET Field with the GTL-1000.

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GTL-1000: Using the scanning module

Using the scanning module in MAGNET Field

After configuring your MAGNET Field job, connect to the GTL-1000, and shoot any necessary control.

Before scanning, check the following:

1. Make sure the GTL-1000 is level.

2. An SD card formatted to FAT32 class 10 or more, up to 32 GB, is inserted.

3. The camera's lens cap is removed.

To start scanning, click Survey.

Click Site Scan

Wait a few moments while the scanning component in the GTL-1000 initializes. 

Full Dome scan

Select Full Dome in the Scan Type drop-down menu. A full dome scan covers 360° horizontally and 270° vertically. 

Leave the Station Type as the Current Occupation.

If the user wants the LIDAR data in color, set Image to On.

The GTL has two scan resolution settings: Fine and Standard. For more detail, select Fine

Space Available depends on the size of the SD card being used.

Click Scan to start the scan.

During the scanning process, a progress bar appears on the screen. If necessary, you can pause the scan.

Once the scan is finished, a black and white preview image of the completed scan appears on the screen. Blue means no data. 

If the user wishes to take a measurement, they can tap or click on the screen and click Meas to take a measurement.

Area scan

To do an area scan, select Area from the Scan Type drop-down menu. After verifying the image and scan resolution settings, click Next.

Orient the GTL-1000 to the top left corner of the section that you want to scan. If indoors, use the laser pointer to visually see the scan area. 

There are three ways to set your top left corner for an area scan: 

  • Click Angle Only. A set of horizontal and vertical angles appear. 
  • Click the Meas button. This will measure a point and use it as the top left corner of your selected scan area. 
  • Click the Map or List icon button, and select the desired point. 

Rotate and turn the GTL to the bottom right corner of the area you wish to scan. To set the desired scan angle, click Angle Only. The horizontal and vertical angles will appear. Click Scan to start.

Since this is an area scan, not a dome scan, it will not fill the whole screen. Click anywhere on the screen, and click Meas to measure a point. When done, click the red X.

Once done measuring points, click Yes.