GTL-1000: Occupy Backsight routine

How to do an Occupy Backsight routine in MAGNET Field with the GTL-1000.

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GTL-1000: Occupy Backsight routine

Creating a new point

From the home screen, click Edit.

Click Points.

Click Add to create your starting point.

If working in a local coordinate system, it is good practice to use something like 5000, 1000, 100 (or something similar) as your starting point. 

Some users may use different values for northing and easting, making it easier to differentiate between the two. Click the green check mark to save.

You will now see the created point under your points list. Click the home button to return to the main screen.

Occupation Backsight routine

Click Setup.

Click Backsight.

  • Choose the recently created point as your Occupation Point.
  • Click on the List icon button to select the point from the list.
  • Enter the slant height measurement from the control point to the measurement point on the instrument.

If backsighting to an unknown point, click the Point button under the section Backsight Point to change it to Azimuth. Click on the Prism icon button to set your prism and enter your prism height.

Turn the GTL to the prism. Click Set to take a measurement.

Click the green check mark to store the measured backsight point and set the point name.