BIM 360 Layout: Bluetooth Bridge Connection


  • BIM 360 Layout supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections
  • This guide focuses on a Bluethooth connection including a RC unit
  • To connect the BIM 360 Layout app to a total station / RC unit a Bluetooth Bridge is required
  • If you are not using a RC unit the general instructions are the same 

Step 1

  • Turn total station on
  • Make sure total station Comms are set to Bluetooth
  • Turn RC unit on
  • Pair total station and RC unit
  • Turn Bluetooth Bridge on

Step 2

  • Enable Bluetooth on the iPad

Step 3

  • Launch BIM 360 Layout
  • Open a model

Step 4

  • Tap the profile picture in the upper right corner
  • Tap on "Settings"

Step 5

  • Tap on "Instrument"
  • Select an instrument system configuration

Step 6

  • Turn on the "Reset BT bridge" option
  • Tap "Done"

Step 7

  • Select "Yes" to reset Bluetooth bridge and connect to a new total station

Step 8

  • "Reset successful" pop up appears
  • if this pop up does not appear repeat steps 4-7


  • Tap "OK"
  • Power Bluetooth Bridge off and on
  • Wait 10 seconds!
  • Close the BIM 360 Layout app
  • Start the BIM 360 Layout app

Step 9

  • BIM 360 Layou shows a "Connected" pop up
  • RC unit controller light goes solid red



BIM 360 Layout will remember this setup until you want to connect to a new total station / RC unit