3D milling: Roadtec 900 series ACE system configuration for 3D-MC

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Roadtec milling machines using the Automated Control of Elevation (ACE) system need to be configured properly in order to use Topcon's 3D-MC software for automatic elevation and slope control.

System requirements

  • CAN capable Roadtec RX-900e (Figure A)
    • *For information regarding CAN capability, contact Roadtec technical support at 1-800-272-7100.
  • ACE system installed by Roadtec and ACE control box connected to the machine (Figure B)


Step 1

Power on the machine, and navigate to the Roadtec display. Find and press the Grade/Slope soft key on the lower left-hand side to power on the ACE system control box.

After the soft key is pressed, the Grade/Slope button will be illuminated green, and the ACE control box is powered on.

Step 2

Navigate to the ACE control box, and press the buttons on the lower left- and right-hand sides until both sides display MANUAL.


This configuration allows CAN bus signals to be sent to 3D-MC to run automatic elevation and slope control on the left and right sides.