3D-MC: Assigning Frame Sensor Orientation for Max

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When installing the frame sensor (third IMU) onto a MAX dozer system we need to ensure we have its orientation assigned correctly in 3D-MC. The default position for the third IMU is to have the connector facing back towards the cab in a position that is parrallel to the position of travel. When installed in the defalault position, the sensor orientation is going to be 0. 

In some instances we cannot install the frame sensor in our default position. Sometimes we may have to install the sensor so that the the connector is facing in a position that is perpendicular to the position of travel. In this instance we need to make sure we take note of the orientation of our frame sensor so that we can tell 3D-MC later on during the calibration process.

The orientation of the frame sensor is going to be determined based on where the connector is for the MC2+ machine in regards to direction of travel. If we are looking down at the machine from above the sensor, orientation is going to installed in 1 of 3 ways in most instances. 

  1. Sensor connector will be facing the back of the machine, otherwise know as the default position, orientation will be 0. 
  2. Sensor connector will be perpendicular to the direction of travel facing the right of the machine, orientation will be -90.
  3. Sensor connector will be perpendicular to the direction of travel facing the left of the machine, orientation will be 90.

Once we have identified the third IMU sensor orientation write it down somewhere and keep note of it for the next steps in the calibration procedure. 

  • To actually assign the sensor orientation in 3D-MC we need to first access the 'Calibrate MC2+' sensors screen in 3D-MC.
  • To do this lauch your machine builder with your MAX system and third IMU configured. Select 'Control' and 'MC2+ Calibration'.
  • You should now be brought to the following page here on the right.
  • To continue on, select the 'Body Heading' option that is highlighted in the red box and then hit the 'calibrate' button. 
  • You will then be brought to a series of screens asking you to follow calibration proceedures. For now we need to skip these parts and select 'Next' exaclty four times until we are brought to the following screen we see here on the right. 
  • We should see a box that says 'Heading' next to it. Here is where we need to enter in our heading value for our third IMU orientation.
  • Enter in your value and click 'Finish'

You have now assigned the heading value for your third IMU sensor. You can now continue on with the normal calibration procedures per the manual to calibrate 3D-MCMAX