Topcon Sirius Pro New Year Offer

Topcon Sirius Pro New Year Offer

New Payloads for the best RTK fixed wing UAV. 

Topcon is pleased to announce the latest payload offerings for the SIRIUS PRO.  Give your UAV business a boost by utilising the latest Sony A6300 with the RTK option on the SIRIUS PRO.

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Sirius Pro complete system (ext Base)

24MP Sony A6300 with 20mm lens

•             High accuracy aerial mapping using GNSS RTK (2-5cm)

•             External Base and Network RTK Capability

•             No Ground Control Points for faster field work possible

•             East Take-off and automated landing remote from survey area

•             Comprehensive MAVinci flight planning / management software

•             Full post processng software available

Sirius Pro complete system (ext Base)

24MP Sony A6300 with 20mm lens

Topcon Context Capture standard Processing Software

Additional Payload Options Available, POA

Sony RX1R II is a high resolution camera which features 42 Mpix and back-lit frame sensor, making it the ideal choice for mapping large areas with a very high resolution.

MicaSense RedEdfge features 5 discrete band senses which are especially useful for applications in agriculture, biology and other scientific research interests,  Its data enables you to monitor plant health even in large fields, which can reduce the usage of fertilizer and pesticides.  The RedEdge is also for biomass volume computation or animal counting.

If you are interested in discussing these offers in more detail, please contact our UAV team.

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