Topcon hosts dig day to showcase Machine Control with Precision Geomatics

Topcon hosts dig day to showcase Machine Control with Precision Geomatics

Sometimes the only way to truly understand the technology at our fingertips is to see it in action in real life – particularly when we’re talking about software.

At Topcon, we take the time to make sure our customers fully understand the technology they’re investing in and that it’s right for their projects. To help with this we offer free demo-bookings and host hands-on experience days where they can put the tech through its paces.

As a business, we are committed to providing machine control training direct or through dealers to support construction companies across the length and breadth of UK and Northern Ireland. One example of a recent session we ran for our Scottish customers was our recent ‘dig day’ we hosted with Precision Geomatics in Blackridge, West Lothian. Our visitors got to experience 3DMC in a real scenario at Sibbald’s Training centre with on-site excavator and pre-set designs to demonstrate the ease of excavation with the technology on board. For those who didn’t want to brave the cold, we also had simulators indoors – with thanks to Tenstar – for attendees to test 3DMC themselves.

Here's some feedback from our team and our visitors on the day:

Andy McEwan, Regional Sales Manager for Precision Geomatics who co-hosted the day, talked through the benefits of 3DMC ahead of visitors trying the tech. He said: “The biggest saving a business can make is time, and Topcon’s 3DMC does a big part in reducing downtime on site, so it’s great to show people that with real scenarios and designs so they can truly understand it.”

One of our visitors was looking to find out more about the tech as the business looks to expand its own internal fleet. He said: “The Machine Control technology is so straight forward and intuitive it’s been really interesting to see it in action. I had a go on the simulator and it was so easy to use the tech – so if I can do it when I’m not a driver, then it must be a walk in the park for experienced and qualified drivers.”

Another of our visitors, who tried his hand on the excavator outdoors, said: “It was a lot easier than I imagined, working with 3DMC. I’ve worked with other machine control software previously, but Topcon’s tech seems so much newer and advanced.”

Our attendees also got the chance to learn more about how our data works and an introduction to our Intelligent Compaction technology. The Topcon and Precision Geomatics team took a lot of questions about the way our data and software work together.

Conversation around Intelligent Compaction proved to be popular on the day, particularly with the future of our roads such a hot topic.

One senior engineer who joined us spoke to the team in more detail about the capabilities of Intelligent Compaction. He said: “In my business we do a lot of road and earthworks where this technology could be massively helpful for time-saving and safeguarding against structural failures because of miscalculated passes.

“This is the first time I’ve been to a hands-on event like this with an excavator live with the tech, so it’s been really helpful to come and see first-hand how Topcon could help us.”

We had a great turnout for the day and lots of positive conversations about how technology can help to solve many of the issues contractors are dealing with on their projects.

Andy McEwan said: “Having the facilities at Sibbald’s to get people out and using the technology has been such a fantastic way to showcase the benefits of Topcon technology solutions.”

We will be hosting more dig days like this, so make sure you follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to see the next invite.

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