Earthworks Solutions has been using a range of Topcon technologies to improve productivity on its latest jobs and projects. We caught up with Director, Tim Coles, to see how.

What projects has the team at Earthworks Solutions used Topcon technology on?

“The most recent projects we’ve worked on have included flood prevention work in Somerset, material recycling in Exeter and we’ve also been working on soil imports and modelling at Marsh Mills in Plymouth.

“We’ve used quite a few different solutions on the jobs. The 3D-MC2 dozer machine control and excavator GNSS 3DMC GPS systems linked to Rototilt R8 Tilt Rotator, as well as HIPER V base and rover GNSS surveying systems.”

Why did you decide to use this technology in your workflows?

“All of the Topcon technology allows us to work in a safer environment and with more efficiency. The excavator GPS systems in particular come into their own when used for capping and trimming stone and batters, and we use the 3D-MC2 dozer daily.”

What benefits have you found from using the technology?

“We’ve seen lots of benefits: easy user intervention; boosted productivity as we're not having to rework areas and a decrease in the use of laser levels to name a few! It’s also helped us to improve health and safety as our engineers are having less intervention at ground level so it gets them away from the working area.

“Essentially, it has saved us time, money and has helped us to improve our overall working capabilities. Having worked with Topcon, I personally can’t imagine a construction industry without them.”

How much time has using the technology saved you?

“It’s hard to put a time on it. However, what used to be a two man job with an operator and engineer is now just an operator and GPS machine control.”

Has the technology helped you to overcome any challenges?

“Yes, definitely. The systems have given our operators a better understanding of the end goal. With the help of Topcon, our productivity has been increased and what would have been challenging deadlines are now realistic and more achievable.

“Thanks to the excavator’s machine control system, we’ve also been able to trim batters correctly for the first time - previously it was inaccessible for an engineer to check all levels.”

Thanks Tim!

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