Topcon Positioning GB recently hosted a two-day training event at the Construction Training Academy in Maltby. In our latest blog, we catch up with Peter Roberts, Technical Support Manager, to get the lowdown on the event.

As a provider of advanced and sophisticated pieces of equipment, we like to ensure that the installation process is carried out correctly, safely and securely the first time on every job. That’s why we provide training days on a regular basis, to give installers the knowledge and experience they need to become Topcon-approved.

We hosted installers from PGL, Sealand Survey and ESS, and all had varying levels of expertise when it came to installations. We started with an introduction to machine control and how it’s becoming a vital part of a machine operator’s job, as well as a brief on the machine we’d be using across the two days – a JCB excavator.

Equipment fitted safely and securely helps to avoid the risk of any potential errors taking place once the machine has been put to use on-site, so it’s important to us that the customers who purchase our technology are confident in their installers.

As part of the training, we highlighted the key pieces of data that installers should obtain before even getting to the site. For example, points of contact, whether work permits and site Health and Safety inductions are required, where the machine is located and when it can be accessed.

Topcon’s Machine Control Installation and Training Supervisor, Simon Pole, demonstrated how to prepare the machine before starting the installation process, sharing key insights that will help make the installers more efficient. For example, the position of the excavator’s arm and the order in which we recommend the equipment is installed.

Various parts of a machine are prone to movement when being used on rough terrain, so our training events have been designed to give installers the information they need to minimise risk. Little aspects of a job, even things like setting the machine up on level ground before installing kit, can be vital in ensuring the job is done well.

Once the practical installation training had finished, we showed the attendees how the machines being used on site can be linked to the team in the office and supported using Topcon’s Sitelink 3D system.

We received some great feedback from installers who joined us. Graham, from Precision Geomatics Ltd, said: “The course showed me that the system is a bespoke fit and it needs to be installed a certain way. The Topcon team showed us the right way to set up the kit and we’ve learnt a lot about the specifics of the installation.”

We continue to work with training day attendees on their training in the months following the demonstrations. Members of our team visit them on site to provide support while they’re installing equipment to ensure the machines are operable, and sign them off once the installation process is complete.  

It was a great couple of days and we’re looking forward to welcoming the next group!

Thanks to Andy Robinson and his team at the Construction Training Academy for their support in ensuring the event ran smoothly and allowing Topcon to use the training facilities. Thanks also to JCB dealer T C Harrison for providing the machine.

For more information about becoming a Topcon approved Machine Control dealer, call 0845 450 4300.

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