Invincible Topcon laser returns to site after surviving disappearance in major floods

It’s not often we can compare the journey of our equipment to a blockbuster film, but for one indestructible Topcon laser we can do just that. Beginning its journey back in February on a project in Pontypridd town centre, the laser in question started life in a pipe for the new town centre refurbishment project. Nothing out of the ordinary here, you might think, but after being left in the pipe overnight things took a turn for the worse for the laser, which was washed into the river Taff never to be heard from again… or so we thought.
As time went on, the month of March saw major floods devastate Pontypridd and Treforest and the laser was somewhat forgotten. However, fast forward to November when work continued on the river Taff outside the Treforest Depot, and low and behold our Topcon laser was found in the river! It didn’t take long for the laser to be put back into action by the friendly technician at Phoenix Hire & Sales - with a new battery, the durable laser was ready to use once more and raring to show how tough it is during its next adventure on the job site.

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