Ground Control Kit GNSS Network RTK Rover & the New MAGNET Construct App

HiPer SR

The HiPer SR is a no-nonsense, robust and reliable receiver and with IP67 protection, it will get you “fixed” fast in any site conditions and in all weathers. As a Network Rover, this solution offers fast, accurate position-fixing on TopNET, our Network Correction Service. Providing a lightweight, compact solution  for GCP installation and reporting.

–    Capable of tracking GPS and GLONASS constellations
–    Universal Tracking Channels capable of all-in-view tracking
–    Hybrid Positioning ready
–    Signal scrubbing Fence Antenna® to provide ultimate signal lock
–    Highest accuracy positioning for RTK, network, and more

MAGNET Construct

–     Easy and intuitive graphical interface to simplify common workflows
–     Export complete field reports for control points including images
–     Secure connectivity to MAGNET Enterprise service
–     Single file exchange with MAGNET Field data collection software
–     Instant data transfer while standing at active project sites
–     Check-in/Check-out Licensing – share licences with other colleagues running the App
–     Available within Google Play Store and Apple iTunes App Store


Package Includes:

–     OAF+, HiPer SR, Net Only RTK, GGD10Hz
–     MAGNET Construct mobile app to use on your Android phone or tablet *
–     GPS Composite Rover Pole (telescopic)
–     TopNet 1 year limited RTK (incl. SIM) 40hrs pcm

* HiPer SR Bluetooth connection to Android devices only.
Bluetooth or WiFi connection on iOS devices is available with HiPer VR or HiPer HR.

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