Detect the unexpected

Monitor construction sites and infrastructure for stability and risk

Construction monitoring

Jobsite safety requires the continuous monitoring of the stability of the work in process and its adjacent structures. Construction-monitoring systems increase awareness of potential risks and support fact-based decision-making, creating peace of mind for the complete project team.

Structural health monitoring

Observe and measure an asset throughout its lifecycle to determine its physical state and performance against design, at any time. This long-term lifespan monitoring can be instrumental in extending the life of your assets.

Promote jobsite safety

Reliable data collection about the health of infrastructure assets

Cost-effective, time-saving autonomous system

With automated deformation monitoring, you can mitigate risk and implement critical safety protocols with a system that costs less than 1% of the project budget.

Market segments

Building structure monitoring

  • Site safety
  • Adjacent structure stability
  • Building structures 
  • Foundations
  • Historical sites

Transportation and infrastructure monitoring

  • Tunnels
  • Roads and highways
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Pipelines

Environmental and geological monitoring

  • Slope stability
  • Subsidence
  • Volcanoes

Mine and energy monitoring

  • Highwalls
  • Dumps
  • Tailing dams

Reliable technology. Integrated system.

Total station, GNSS, and third-party geotechnical sensors

Command and control

Visualisation, reporting, and alerts

Highlight case studies

Brooklyn Highrise Building

A solar-powered, deformation-monitoring setup was used to detect any potential movements of adjacent structures including buildings, piles, and sidewalks during the excavation, piling, and construction of an 81-story structure.

Long Island Railroad Third Track Expansion

Topcon monitoring was deployed to help stakeholders mitigate possible damage to nearby structures during the construction of a 10-mile third track on the busiest commute line in the U.S.

Grand Paris Express Metro

Monitoring was placed on and around hundreds of structures across Paris before and during underground tunneling work on the largest metro system in Europe. For enhanced safety, even a sub-millimeter deformation will trigger an alarm.

Newcastle Tyne Vehicle Tunnel

Construction of a vehicle tunnel on Newcastle’s heavily trafficked Eastside was one of Britain’s biggest transport projects. Construction monitoring of the existing parallel tunnel provided live deformation data that the operator, surveyor, and contractor could access anywhere in the world.

Getting started with Topcon monitoring

Get in touch with us to learn more about our monitoring solution.


Direct consultation for your project to identify needs and match with technologies available.

System design

Systematic design including performance needs such as accuracy, power sourcing, environmental shielding, data transmission, and timespan 
of use.


Install sensors and systems to deliver real-time data with visualisation, periodical reports, and alerts to the project team.


Bluetooth remote controller for robotic total stations

Topcon field controllers incorporate the graphical Windows® operating system on a color touchscreen display.
They simplify data collection for capturing grade waypoints and assuring that you meet spec accurately.

MS series
MS series

Ultra-high precision robotic total station

Employing deep integration with Topcon hardware, cloud connectivity and both specialized
and modular solutions, Topcon software packages are designed for the way you work.

Delta Solutions
Delta Solutions

Deformation monitoring solutions

Topcon Enterprise Solutions are revolutionary anytime/anywhere connectivity and remote
management solutions that will make every geospatial and construction firm more productive.


GNSS RTK correction over cellular network

Lasers should just work. Topcon lasers remove the guesswork with auto-levelling,
auto-alignment and other features that let you work faster and more accurately.


RL-200 lasers offer ease and accuracy even on extreme slopes.
RL-H5 Series
RL-H5 Series

Self-leveling construction laser
RL-SV2S Rotating Laser
RL-SV2S Rotating Laser

The RL-SV2S is a rotating laser for several slope types.

Long range, self-leveling construction laser

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