Panel Discussion

Construction, infrastructure and housing - three things that were at the top of the Government's agenda at the start of 2020. The world is quite a different place now due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but what does that mean for the future of our industry? As we're forced to digitalise to survive, what role do technology, training, and leaders of business have to play in accelerating recovery? Watch the video to find out what our panellists think.


Levi Sookram-Brown, Topcon Positioning Great Britain
Business Development Manager



Iain Miskimmin, Bentley Systems
Digital Built Britain (BIM) advisor   



Trevor Moore, Murphy Surveys
Head of Geospatial Consulting

Robert Klaschka, EvrBilt
Principal Consultant at EvrBilt
Founding Director at devBLD

Andy Evans, CICES, DCW
Vice President of the CICES
Innovation Project Manager, DCW




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