Falcon 8 UAS: Updating Firmware on the FLIR Camera

How to update the FLIR camera firmware

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Falcon 8 UAS: Updating Firmware on the FLIR Camera

Check what firmware version is installed:

  • Start the flight system
  • Trigger an image
  • Turn flight system off
  • Remove FLIR SD card
  • Open image in Asctec Thermal Viewer
  • Click Show Image Information button to check datalogger version
  • Go to the Asctec Download page to check if you have the latest available version installed

Install new firmware:

  • Download firmware (.zip file)
  • Format FLIR SD card with block size 64 K
  • Extract .zip file to the FLIR SD card (flirsd.atf)
  • Insert FLIR SD in the flight system, connect inspection payload and turn the flight system on
  • Wait for 60 seconds
  • Trigger an image
  • Turn off flight system
  • Remove the FLIR SD card 
  • Delete flirsd.atf from the FLIR SD card
  • Open image in the Astec Thermal Viewer again to check datalogger version if update was succesful