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How much yield with how much input? Small steps often make a big difference. Now you can plan your path to more efficiency ex-factory or with simple retrofit solutions for your existing machinery.

Productivity “re-loaded“

The tense situation on the world markets for agricultural products is also leaving its traces in EU agricultural policy. Increasingly, the focus is shifting back to a particular strength of European agriculture: the potential to manage its favoured regions efficiently and productively. Against this background, the EU-Commission has granted the option of suspending the rules on compulsory set-aside and cropping sequences in 2023.

Productivity is thus gaining new importance – and Topcon solutions also offer effective support in this regard. How? Just see for yourself!

Our customers are saying:

Isarnho Farms
The right tool for every purpose!

With arable farming, dairy farming, a biogas plant and a contracting business, Isarnho Farms in Gettorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, have a wide range of operations. The portfolio of Topcon products used at Isarnho Farms – the Prall & Marxen GbR – is almost as broad.

The farm currently uses two AGI-4 all-in-one integrated receivers and steering controllers, one an AGS-2 GNSS receiver and steering controller, a Topcon interface for yield recording, and also TAP Feed, the Topcon cloud service for feed management on cattle farms.

Automatic Boom Height
Control for Sprayers

Who hasn't experienced this yet: In uneven terrain, the boom of the field sprayer will often swing erratically up and down during the application of crop protection products and fertilisers. This leads to uneven distances between boom and ground that result in suboptimal boom heights and affect the precision of the application.

However, there is a remedy. A boom height control solution that can be retrofitted to your field sprayer, and you can instantly eliminate the need for constant manual boom height corrections


With wise guidance systems, technology takes the wheel of your agricultural machines. It is incorruptible, does not know microsleep even after long working days and thus ensures higher productivity, more precision and efficiency. And this is true track by track, field by field, day by day – and during day and night. However, needs of farms differ. That's why Topcon offers different systems that provide individual solutions for individual requirements.

Horizon 5 – efficiency
modularity and connectivity

As previous versions, also the new version of Topcon's proven Horizon software provides flexible solutions for seeding, planting, fertilising, crop protection and harvesting. It is compatible with the most common Topcon X-family displays, and additional functions can be unlocked when required – for maximum flexibility and minimum costs!

The new “Machine Link” function, for example, is a connectivity feature allowing multiple machines to collaborate in-field by sharing live coverage and application data. Designed for efficiency, modularity and connectivity, Horizon 5 works seamlessly with all Topcon sensors and technologies, as well as with ISOBUS-enabled third-party technologies.

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