EMEA Educational Partnership Program
EMEA Educational Partnership Program

Education is the key...

Knowledge of your loction is taken for granted these days. Our children grow up with this knowledge, without thinking about it. However, locating yourself with a smart phone & using a precision position measurement system are two different things!

Topcon combines the latest technology innovations with easy student access. Our program offers attractive models for any institute that wants precise positioning to be part of their educational courses. Give students a chance to learn while they experience and explore professional equipment.



Topcon solutions are a great fit for our educational partners, with durable, accurate hardware and powerful, easy-to-use software.

Our educational program offers schools, colleges and universities the latest in technology, software, cloud management and workflows, allowing students to get first hand, up close and personal experience using the most up-to-date technology and solutions available... your education will elevate using these tools.

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