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Total visibility and control of your assets; diagnostics and maintenance to reduce costs and increase performance.

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A ready-to-go solution for remote access to your assets

Topcon Tierra is a powerful web application that enhances your control and visibility of your vehicles or machines with a set of specific reports about their status, maintenance, and remote diagnostics. You can easily avoid risks in terms of unauthorized use of assets, thefts, unscheduled jobs and unexpected movement. Our solution is made of a powerful device to provide localization features and data logger capabilities with worldwide coverage (GPRS, 3G, CDMA). Through an easy-to-use, web & mobile internet based application, you will retrieve all the information needed about your assets. 

Asset Management: information made profitable

With 15+ years of experience in telematics development, Topcon Tierra is able to offer you a comprehensive solution that fits your needs in terms of control, diagnostics and maintenance of your assets. With the availability of different subscription plans, you will find the best telematics solution for your needs. 

Take advantage of precise reports about Utilization, Location History, Operational Efficiency, Maintenance and Job Costing. Anywhere, at any time. The anaylitical power of the application, through these reports, will bring you significant insights for fleet management, and absolutely improve your bottom line.

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