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Case Study
Controlled traffic farming enhances production of sweet fruits in Spain

“This area is known for its production of high-quality sweet fruit since it has a favorable climate,” says Jaume Viladegut, one of the three brothers who run the company. But there’s more to it than profitable surroundings: Jaume tells us about the benefits of ‘controlled traffic farming’.

Case Study
Lofty Solution

Keeping in line with its commitment to evolving technology, Missouri-based Anderson Engineering committed to drone technology earlier than most, purchasing their first vehicle about 3½ years ago.

Case Study
Street Smarts

As part of a pilot program to prove the applicability of laser scanned data in a Smart Cities project, Wales-based Gwalia Surveyors, recently took to the streets of the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York.

Case Study
Capturing The Past

Historic Livermore winery building lives on in a 3D point cloud

Case Study
For tight tolerances, there’s far more in the Dalles

When it comes to airport paving projects, accuracy in grade and slope is the great equalizer. FAA specifications dictate the tolerances to which runways and taxiways must conform and those rules govern projects both large and small.

Case Study
“The Natural State” of machine control

While big iron forms the bulk of Forsgren Inc.'s equipment lineup, the company recently expanded its fleet with a seriously downsized dozer. What the John Deere 450K unit lacks in size however, it more than makes up for in accuracy and productivity thanks to Topcon

Case Study
Contractor preps site for large auto mall

It appears that when S. Dilawri Automotive Group does something big … it is really big.

Case Study
Meticulously measuring the new Provincial House in...

A remarkable silhouette is appearing on the skyline of Antwerp, the capital of the eponymous province in Belgium.

How it Works
ZED Tunnel Guidance Solution

In the tunnelling industry, Pipe Jacking is the less glamorous, lower profile younger sibling of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).