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New York Farm Show 2024


February 22-24 in Syracuse, NY

Come see us in booth #D611 & D612


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Need a new boom height system? Talk to our experts at the show and learn how you can upgrade, and SAVE while doing it.

Through March 15, 2024, we are offering the opportunity for select boom height system owners to upgrade to our UC7 solution. This upgrade provides access to our highest-performing and most advanced boom height control system, at a fraction of the cost. Our experts in the booth will be able to tell you about the fine details  but in-short, you’ll get a GREAT price on our UC7 system, along with a $1,000.00 Trade-In credit.


Be sure and ask about it at the booth!

Be a good neighbor, keep your spraying on target

As both sprayers and precision capabilities have grown, manual machine and implement control has become increasingly difficult. To utilize this increased potential, automation becomes necessary. Acting as the glue that enables accurate and advanced application control, a boom height control system provides consistent preset height for even application and reduced drift.

Schedule time to stop by the Topcon booth outside to chat about boom height solutions for your operation.

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More efficient use of crop inputs

Boom Height Control systems maintain the boom at a preset height by monitoring field contours and making responsive boom adjustments. Maintaining spray nozzles at the recommended spray tip height allows the product to be applied using an optimum spray pattern providing even application and reducing drift.

Reduce stress and avoid boom damage

Boom Height Control reduces the need for the operator to move their head back and forth to monitor changes in field terrain, thereby reducing stress and fatigue. This allows the operator to focus on machine operation and safety.


Spray day or night

A boom height system with ultrasonic sensors doesn’t need light to measure boom height. Take advantage of favorable spraying conditions by extending working hours with the ability to spray any time.


Speed and reliability

Manual operation of a sprayer in uneven field terrain may require reduced operating speeds for continual boom adjustments. Using a boom height control system with ultrasonic sensor data makes responsive height adjustments allowing booms to automatically follow the contours of the land.