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2024 PDP Business Conference

Come see us ins booth #371 from March 13-14 in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

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Feed management at your fingertips

Feed management involves the planning, formulation, procurement, storage, and distribution of feed to ensure that animals receive the appropriate nutrients for their growth, health, and productivity. Effective feed management not only contributes to the well-being of the animals but also plays a significant role in the economic success and sustainability of the farm. It requires a combination of knowledge in animal health, nutrition, and efficient farm management practices.

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Feeding cows is an integral part of your day

To better manage your operation, you need a more flexible and affordable feed management system that adapts to your farm’s specific management style.
Feed management will help, and farmers who use one are seeing far better production by managing ingredients and delivery with their nutritionist.

Optimized Inputs… feeding just what they need.

By implementing a digital feed management solution, you can reduce shrink and cut down on your operating costs. You’ll also be consistent and accurate in what you are feeding. You can build feed schedules, delegate to operators, and automatically track the process every step of the way.

Organize data, derive insights, boost production.

Many farmers work with advisors, consultants, or nutritionists to support feed management plans. Digital feed management solutions provide invaluable benefits that streamline and support the relationship. These solutions allow advisors to seamlessly provide feed plans that can be followed by operators. Feed management solutions also allow you to capture exactly what was fed, so more insightful analysis can be obtained.