eGPS: Creating an Instrument Profile (PC version)

Creating an Instrument Profile in eGPS

  • Tap on the eGPS icon to start the software
  • The eGPS home screen will open
  • Tap the eGPS Options icon
  • The Profiles tab will open
  • In the New Profile text box, enter the name of the Profile you want to create
  • Select PC version 

NOTE: A good naming convention is to use the name of the Receiver as the name of the Profile

  • Select the Profile you created
  • Tap the Edit button
  • The Profile is ready to be modified
  • Tap the Device tab at the top of the screen
  • Select the Device drop-down arrow
  • Select the receiver you will be using
  • The correct antenna will be populated in the Antenna drop-down box
  • The Offset [cm] value is the height of the rod / pole the receiver will be mounted on, in centimeters
  • The drop-down has default options of 0 cm, 100 cm, or 200 cm, or a custom rod height can be entered manually
  • The Total [cm] value includes the value for the receiver Antenna Reference Point or ARP


NOTE: The value for the height in feet is also displayed

  • Open the GPS tab at the top of the screen
  • Select the mode you will be using, which is based on your purchased options
  • Choose an Internal or External Antenna type
  • By default, the values for Elevation Mask, Max.age (DGPS) and the Multipath reduction box are checked

NOTE: The External antenna should only be chosen if using the internal receiver in a data controller with a separate GNSS Antenna

  • Open the Output tab at the top of the screen
  • Select the Output format
  • Set the Mode to Bridge
  • Port should default to the virtual COM port created upon installation, if not, select the correct COM port
  • Baudrate should be left to default parameters unless third party software dictates otherwise
  • Use the External Program button to browse to and select the third party application being used
  • Open the Output Details tab at the top of the screen to review the setting information
  • Leave all settings at default unless third party software dictates otherwise
  • Select the Green Check Mark to apply and finalize the Profile
  • The Profile is now complete and available for use.