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Bauma 2022

From October 24th to 30th, the industry’s leading trade fair for construction will take place in Munich, Germany. Bauma 2022 will see over half a million visitors from over 200 countries walk through its doors over seven days. The event, which only happens every three years, will bring together leading industry experts and key decision makers, providing a platform for the industry to debate the biggest issues in construction and drive innovation.

At bauma, we will be proudly showcasing our latest developments in Topcon technologies, as well as using the event as a global stage to launch our new innovations. These exciting new technologies will align with four key areas of focus: earthworks, paving, building construction and survey in construction.

Connect your fleet. Deliver on time
​​​​​​​and on budget.

Come and explore ultimate flexibility in dozer and excavator systems as well as the productivity power of earthworks management solutions.

Our experts will show you how to connect mixed fleets, share data, transfer files, track progress, provide remote support and monitor jobsites from the office, the field or the front seat of the truck. You’ll discover how to easily scale based on your needs and fleets – whether it’s components or connections or anything in between.

Solutions for every paving step

Come and explore a full-workflow solution that delivers both enhanced accuracy and material management.

Our experts will show you how to collect road surface data without lane closures, identify thermal segregation issues before they occur, centralize your paving data for maximum efficiency and optimize compaction for an ultra-smooth result.

Speed, accuracy, quality control.
​​​​​​​All in real time

Come and explore digital workflows which provide our customers with sustainable solutions for the future whether they are looking to increase productivity, safety on the jobsite or even adjusting to climate change.

Our experts will walk you through digital layout solutions and digital management of survey data showing how to improve data, design, and construction quality as well as how to provide rapid access to latest geodata during construction projects.

Meet an expert

On bauma you naturally want to waste as little time as possible waiting to get information. to avoid waiting times, book your personal appointment with a Topcon expert today.

Choose your topic of interest:

  • Paving – Now and in the future
  • Earthmoving - Essentials
  • Automated Data Workflows (DCW)
  • Construction Monitoring (DCW)
  • Survey in construction - Essentials

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