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Today, more than ever before, new technologies in geopositioning and construction are being developed and introduced at a rapid pace. Ideas and products that seemed like fiction 10 or 20 years ago are now being used on job sites across the globe. To keep pace requires speeding up adoption of technology, automation and digitization.

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And find out more about adopting the latest geopositioning technologies to improve your workflows. Our experts will be on hand at the digital event to show how our innovative solutions will help the construction industry meet this growing demand for maintaining and creating new infrastructure globally, as well as accelerating overall industry recovery following the impact of the pandemic.
Want to see how Topcon technologies could help increase accuracy, efficiency and productivity on your projects?

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Hybrid Techology and a new Generation of Total Stations

Your ideal business partner: a single instrument to layout and scan on a single set up.
Combine and conquer with the next generation of robotic total stations, which really do mark a new era in project efficiency.

Digital Layout and Construction Verification

Improve the way buildings, infrastructure and utilities are planned, designed, built and managed today. Our full workflow solutions will accelerate your productivity ​​​​​​​and health & safety on site.

Network and Correction Services

Our exclusive universal tracking and correction service to eliminate downtime in the field and guarantee continuous coverage wherever you are in the world.

A constellation of technology. A world of difference. Has arrived.

Introducing a constellation of technology so remarkable, the first thing they’ll change are your expectations. ​​​​​​​Built for job site mobility, the flagship GT Series ultrasonic robotic total station enables accurate and productive workflows for highly demanding survey and construction applications.

Topcon Talks Webinar Series

Topcon Talks aims to sharpen your professional skills and expand your expertise. There’s a wide range of topics to help you learn more about how modern positioning workflows operate and what industry trends you should be aware of.

Our experts are looking forward to show how our technologies could help you increase accuracy, efficiency and productivity on your projects