Topcon’s fast Direct Aiming Total Station for the Construction Professional

Featuring Topcon's new XPointing technology and optional Quicklock technology, the DS-200 seeks out and locks to the prism quickly, even in dim or dark conditions. Tailor made for construction, the DS-200 also features advanced TOPO, stakeout and mesh scan capabilities via it's onboard MAGNET™ software. And it's made to go right to work. In fact, the ease of operation will be obvious from the time you turn it on. Simply add a data collector and the DS-200 becomes a one-man measuring solution! Add Topcon’s optional RC-5 quicklock solution and you also have unmatched productivity! The DS-200 features a Bluetooth range of up to 1000' (300m), a waterproof housing, super-accurate encoder for reliable accuracy, and TS Shield to secure and maintain your investment. Topcon’s DS-200 is the construction layout tool you can't afford not to have.


Features include:

  • Xpointing fast, reliable prism acquisition technology
  • Hybrid Positioning capable
  • Auto-Tracking upgradeable
  • Optional RC-5 capable
  • MAGNET™ Software On-board
  • 1,000m reflectorless operation – 5000m w/prism
  • Exclusive LongLink Communications
  • TSshield™‚ Advanced Security and Maintenance
  • Rugged Water Resistant IP65 construction
Integrated Technology

World’s First TSshield™ Remote Security and Notification System

  • Disable your instrument remotely if lost or stolen
  • Get notified of Firmware updates
  • Online instrument operational history
  • See more here...
Optional Technology
NEW Hybrid Positioning
Topcon's unique Hybrid Positioning solution combines GNSS, optical, and automated data workflow to offer the ultimate in flexible, non-stop productivity. With the precision and tracking of the Robotic technology, realize precise measurements anywhere the prism can be seen. Switch to GNSS positioning on the RTK rover pole when the robot is not in line of site. Finally, add a Tesla handheld controller and MAGNET software for the perfect balance between large screen viewing and an all-day handheld productivity. Even better, Topcon’s MAGNET Enterprise and Hybrid Positioning provide real-time data flow and exchange with your office. Get more on Topcon’s Hybrid Solution here...
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Model DS-201AC DS-203AC DS-205AC
Magnification / Resolving power 30x / 2.5"
Length: 168mm (6.6in.), Objective aperture: 45mm (1.8in.) (50mm (2.0in.) for EDM), Image: Erect, Field of view: 1°30' (26m/1,000m), Minimum focus: 1.3m (4.3ft.), Reticle illumination: 5 brightness levels
Angle measurement
Display resolutions 0.5" / 1"
(0.0001 / 0.0002gon, 0.002 / 0.005mil)
1" / 5"
(0.0002 / 0.001gon, 0.005 / 0.02mil)
Accuracy (ISO 17123-3:2001) 1" 3" 5"
Dual-axis compensator / Collimation compensation Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor, working range: ±6' / Collimation compensation available
Distance measurement
Laser output*1 Reflectorless mode: Class 3R / Prism/sheet mode: Class 1
Measuring range
(under average conditions*2)
Reflectorless*3 0.3 to 800m (2,620ft) / Under good conditions*5: to 1,000m (3,280ft.)
Reflective sheet*4 RS90N-K: 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.), RS50N-K: 1.3 to 300m (4.3 to 980ft.), RS10N-K: 1.3 to 100m (4.3 to 320ft.)
Mini prisms 1.3 to 500m (1,640ft.)
One prism 1.3 to 5,000m (4.3 to 16,400ft) / Under good conditions*5: 6,000m (16,680ft.)
Three prism to 8,000m (26,240ft.) / Under good conditions*5: to 10,000m (32,800ft.)
Display resolution Fine: 0.0001 / 0.001m (0.001 / 0.01ft., 1/16 / 1/8in.) / Rapid: 0.001m / 0.01ft. / 1/8in. Tracking: 0.01m / 0.1ft. / 1/2in.
(ISO 17123-4:2001)
(D=measuring distance in mm)
Reflectorless*3 (2 + 2ppm x D) mm*6
Reflective sheet*4 (2 + 2ppm x D) mm
AP/CP prism (1.5 + 2ppm x D) mm
Measuring time*7 Fine: 0.9s (initial 1.5s), Rapid: 0.6s (initial 1.3s), Tracking: 0.3s (initial 1.3s)
Motor drive system
Type DC Servo motor
Max Rotation speed 70°/sec
Working range*2 One prism*8 1.3 to 1,000m
Reflective sheet*9 5 to 50m
360 °prism*10 2 to 600m
Mini prisms*11 1.3 to 600m
OS, Interface and Data management
Operating system / Application Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 / MAGNET FIELD
Display / Keyboard 3.5inch, Semi-transmissive TFT QVGA color LCD with LED backlight, Touch screen, Automatic brightness control / 26 keys with backlight
Control panel location*12 On both faces (Face 2 is only touch screen display On one faces
Trigger key On right instrument support
Data storage Internal memory 500MB internal memory
Plug-in memory device USB flash memory (max. 8GB)
Interface Serial RS-232C, USB2.0 (Type A / miniB)
Bluetooth modem (option)*13 Bluetooth Class 1, Ver.2.1+EDR, Operating range: up to 300m (980ft.)*14
Laser-pointer*15 Coaxial red laser using EDM beam
Guide light*15 Green LED (524nm) and Red LED (626nm), Operating range: 1.3 to 150m (4.3 to 490ft.)
Levels Graphic 6’ (Inner Circle)
Circular level 10' / 2mm
Optical plummet Magnification: 3x, Minimum focus: 0.3m (11.8in.) from tribrach bottom
Laser plummet (option) Red laser diode (635nm±10nm), Beam accuracy: <=1.0mm@1.3m, Class 2 laser product
Dust and water protection IP65 (IEC 60529:2001)
Operating temperature -20 to +50ºC (-4 to +122ºF)
Size with handle*9 Control panel on both faces:
W207 (W) X 190 (D) X 372 (H) mm (W8.1 x D7.5 x H14.6in.)
Control panel on one face:
W207 (W) X 174 (D) X 372 (H) mm (W8.1 x D6.8 x H14.6in.)
Weight with battery & tribrach Approx. 6.1kg (13.4lb.)
Power supply
Battery BDC70 detachable battery Li-ion rechargeable battery
Operating time (20ºC) BDC70 Approx.5hours (Fine distance measurement (single) using Auto-Collimating, repeated every 30 seconds)
External battery (option) BT-73Q: approx. 14.5hours (Fine distance measurement (single) using Auto-Collimating, repeated every 30 seconds)
*1 IEC60825-1:Ed.2.0:2007 / FDA CDRH 21 CFR Part 1040.10 and 11 *2 Average conditions: Slight haze, visibility about 20km (12 miles), sunny periods, weak scintillation. *3 With Kodak Gray Card White Side (90% reflective). When brightness on measured surface is 30,000 lx. or less. Reflectorless range/accuracy may vary according to measuring objects, observation situations and environmental conditions. *4 When the measuring beam's incidence angle is within 30º in relation to the reflective sheet target. *5 Good conditions: No haze, visibility about 40km (25 miles), overcast, no scintillation. *6 Measuring range:0.3 to 200m *7 Typical, under good conditions. Reflectorless measurement time may vary according to measuring objects, observation situations and environmental conditions. *8 Prism-2 *9 When using a reflective sheet for Auto-Collimating, the size of sheet (10 to 90 mm) must be selected to correspond to the distance being measured. Use smaller reflective sheets for shorter distances. Figures when the Auto-Collimating beam strikes within 15° of the reflective sheet target. *10 ATP1(S) prism *11 Prism-5 *12 Control panel location may vary depending on region or model. *13 Usage approval of Bluetooth wireless technology varies according to country. Please consult your local office or representative in advance. *14 No obstacles, few vehicles or sources of radio emissions/interference in the near vicinity of the instrument, no rain. *15 The laser-pointer and the guide light do not work simultaneously.
Topcon RC-5 Remote and Handle Specifications
Remote Control System
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F)
Protection Rating RC-5 Remote = IP55
RC-5 Handle = IP65
Quick Lock Operating Distance 2 to 300 meters (6 to 984 feet) *When using Remote System with a Topcon ATP1 360 degree prism
Topcon RC-5 Handle
Power Supply DC 7.4V from Topcon total station PS
Weight 0.510kg
Dimensions Length = 126.5 mm
Width = 80.5 mm
Height = 242 mm
Topcon RC-5 Remote
Weight 0.42 kg (0.9 lbs), with BDC46C battery
Dimensions Length = 69 mm
Width = 80.5 mm
Height = 131 mm
Bluetooth® Modem Bluetooth® Specification v1.2
Generic Access Profile
Service Discovery Application Profile
Serial Port Profile
Bluetooth Transmission Output Class 1
Bluetooth Communication Distance 600 meters (1968 feet)



Hybrid Robotic System
March 11 2014