Pocket 3D

Pocket-3D is comprised of powerful software programs that run on a Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded Handheld, and Windows PC platform field controllers like the Topcon FC-250, 2500, 2600, Topcon Tesla, and Windows Tablets. Pocket-3D simplifies contractors' data collection, allowing you to to check cuts and fills, layout points, lines, and surfaces.

Some of the things Pocket-3D can do for you:

  • Check grade & verify cut/fill anywhere and everywhere!
  • Connect to SiteLink3D
  • Set grade stakes
  • Volume quantities - measure and compare surfaces
  • Measure and store as-builts
  • Internal Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

With an intuitive touch screen interface, there's no need to be intimidated by dozens of buttons you will never use. Simply touch the screen to select your function and away you go.

Grade checkers and Foremen can use Pocket-3D to check grade anywhere on the site. No need to drive hubs or pull string line. Cut/fill information is constantly displayed on the screen. With Topcon GNSS and Robotic Total Stations, one person can now control grade over the entire project for multiple machines.

Need to verify how much dirt was moved this month, week, day? Just drive around the site in your truck or a wheeler and Pocket-3D will calculate your quantities. Now you can continually track your progress on the job to make sure you are on target. Know in advance if you are falling behind or are moving more material than you bid.


Download Pocket 3D v10.0.2 Service Pack

Description File (click to download) Size
Pocket 3D for Windows Mobile 6 Pocket3D_WM6_V10.0.2 21.2 MB
Pocket 3D for FC-250 and Topcon Tesla Pocket3D_FC250_Tesla_V10.0.2 21.2 MB
Pocket 3D for FC-120 and FC-200 Pocket3D_FC120_FC200_V10.0.2 15.5 MB
Pocket 3D for FC-2500 Pocket3D_FC2500_V10.0.2 17.8 MB
Pocket 3D v10.0.2 Release Notes Pocket 3D 10.0.2 Release Notes 12032012 66.0 KB

* All files are EXE, compressed with ZIP format. Download free archivers at WinZip or PKZIP.


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Hardware Platform
type 32 bit, Windows compatible OS, MS Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 Version
accessories CD Rom type, 128 software
Processor speed 2 min Mhz



Pocket 3D
April 28 2014

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