Advanced Field Software for Mapping

With an ever-increasing reliance on location based information, organizations are turning to mobile GIS solutions, and Topcon is ready to provide you the best software solution available with our eGIS mapping software.

For applications such as utilities, disaster management, water and sewage plant operations, forestry, highway maintenance, or asset management, eGIS is all you need to capture data at any GNSS level, whether autonomous, DGPS, or centimeter RTK level.

Running on the Topcon Tesla, GRS-1, FC-25A or FC-236 controllers, this Windows Mobile based software solution has been designed from the ground up to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

Choose the way you work

With a customizable interface to suit the way that you and your teams work, eGIS has been developed to allow you to concentrate on collecting the data as quickly and smoothly as possible… no programming skills or additional software needed!

Improve GIS Data Collection Productivity with eGIS, eGPS, and eViewer!

Create an efficient workflow using eGIS with eGIS Sync and eViewer Desktop software.


eGPS is a GPS controller utility that will control all aspects of the GPS and then export a NMEA protocol to third-party field applications. The eGPS utility will allow full accuracy capabilities of Topcon GIS devices to flow easily into third-party field applications that would otherwise be unable to obtain high accuracies.


Collected data can be reviewed with eViewer after downloading from the field. eViewer utilizes Google Map, Bing Maps, and Map Point for background layers. There is even an export to Google Earth.



  • Fully integrate GNSS functions using Topcon mobile mapping handheld devices
  • Capture, edit, analyze, and display geographic information
  • Compatible with ArcPad vector/raster map display
  • Quality Control of real-time GNSS derived positioning
  • Professional camera integration
  • eGISSync automatically carries out data transfer
  • eViewer desktop companion software


Datasheets available on literature tab.


Handheld System
Windows Mobile based field controller with integrated GNSS
Recommended Units
Topcon’s Tesla, GRS-1, FC-25A, or FC-236
TruPulse 360B Laser Range Finder, Bluetooth enabled cell phone or BR-1 Beacon Receiver
Desktop Computer
Operating System Windows XP running MS ActiveSync, Windows Vista or Windows 7 running Mobile Device Center
Ports USB Port type A
Desktop Mapping Google Maps, Google Earth,
Bing Mapping, or Microsoft MapPoint




Data Sheets

eGPS - Datasheet
January 08 2014
eGIS - Datasheet
July 24 2012

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