Topcon engineers have incorporated our industry leading integrated imaging and 50 channel dual constellation satellite tracking into a small hand-held GPS receiver, the GMS-2. This innovative system also incorporates an integrated electronic compass, replaceable/rechargeable battery, and an expandable memory card slot . This powerful combination of technology in such a small device has set a new standard for GIS field mapping. The internal GMS-2 digital camera allows users to snap digital photographs of GIS features. These photographs are automatically linked to the GIS feature so that extra time is not wasted linking images to features back in the office. The photograph itself can even be geotagged with the GPS coordinate for further detail.


GMS-2 features:

  • Integrated Digital Camera & Electronic Compass
  • Internal Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Connectivity
  • Removeable / Rechargeable all-day battery
  • Expandable Memory Options
  • Dual-Constellation Satellite Tracking
  • Ultra Sharp Color TFT Touch Screen


Powered by Topcon's TPSCORE® GPS chip technology, the GMS-2 provides 50 channel tracking capability, for both GPS+ Glonass satellite systems. The TPSCORE® chip technology also provides two types of signal tracking; code tracking for meter-level GIS mapping applications, and single frequency carrier tracking for high accuracy positioning. With an optional external antenna, the GMS-2 achieves sub-foot real-time or centimeter level post-processed accuracies.

The GMS-2 can utilize free real-time DGPS correction services for mapping and navigation applications. The GMS-2 provides access to the WAAS and EGNOS correction services as a standard feature. Using the internal wireless Bluetooth capability, the GMS-2 can be connected to the optional Topcon BR-1 Beacon Receiver to receive Coast Guard Beacon correction data for sub-meter real-time mapping and navigation. The GMS-2 can also be configured to connect to a regional GPS reference station network for real-time corrections using a Bluetooth dial-up networking enabled cell phone.


Channel 50
Cold Tracking <30 seconds
Warm Tracking <10 seconds
Reacquisition <1 seconds
Static 3mm + 0.8ppm horizontal, 4mm + 1.0ppm vertical
DGPS 50cm with external antenna, Submeter with internal antenna
PP Kinematic 10mm + 1ppm horizontal, 15mm + 1ppm vertical
Dimensions 197 x 90 x 46 mm
Weight 0.68 kg
Color Topcon Grey/Yellow
Operating Temperature -20 to +50 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature -30 to +60 degrees Celsius
Waterproof IP66
Drop 1 m
Internal Battery Li-Ion, 2200mAh, 7.4V
Operating Time 7 Hours
External Power 1 port(s)
Input Voltage 8 to 15 V DC, N/A
Power Consumption 2.1 Watts
Battery Charger AC Adaptor
Bluetooth Bluetooth standard 1.2
USB 1.1 Version
Serial Port A port, 460800,230400,115200(Default),57600, 38400,19200,9600,4800,2400,1200,600, 300 Baudrate, RTS/CTS Flow Control, 7, 8 (Default) Length, 1 (Default), 2 Stop bit, None (Default) odd, even Parity
Key and LED
Key 3: on/off, enter, ESC
Internal Memory SDRAM
Capacity 128 MB
Microprocessor Intel PXA270 Bulverde
Processor Speed 520 MHz
Operating System Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
Digital Camera 1.3M (SXGA (1280x960)) Pixel, 1/4 inch color C-MOS Sensor
Compass Magnet resistive sensor type, 16 divisions accuracy
Tilt Sensor Accelerometer type, Two(X and Y) axis, +/- 2 degrees
LCD Display 240 x 320 QVGA(portrait) 3.5inch color TFT transmisive, Resistive touch screen / passive
External Power Port 1 port(s), DC Jack Type A ODU
External Antenna Connector Lemo connector
SD Card Slot Memory I/O
Serial Port 1 port(s), (Port A) ODU



GMS-2 - Brochure
May 07 2012
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October 12 2010

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