Topcon Tierra

Tierra™ is a joint venture company established by Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. (TPS) and Divitech S.p.A., with the goal of developing a telematics information management system that maximizes management, efficiency, safety and profits.

Our commitment to our customers and to the industry is to provide the most innovative (yet, practical) telematics system possible. We will maintain our technological advantage with constant program development that allows the customer to benefit from the best innovations that information technology can provide now, and in the future.

We believe in long term partnerships with our customers and will work very closely with them to offer a complete and competitive solution. Our goal is to exceed your expectation.

Divitech S.p.A.

Divitech develops, manufactures and sells custom-made solutions for radio-localization, communication and on-board devices to be used for a Fleet Management solution for vehicles or a group of people.

The company, now part of the Elda Group based in Treviso (Northeast of Italy), was founded in May 1997 as a spin-off of the Telematics Department of S.E.P.A. (Electronic Society for Automation) within the FIAT Group. The headquarters of the company is in Treviso, the main operative office is in Leinì (Torino) and a branch of the sales and marketing department is in Rome. Over 80% of the personnel are concentrated on Engineering and R&D.

Since 1997, Divitech has been developing advanced solutions in telematics, radio-localization and fleet management, manufacturing high-profile solutions both for public administrations, private use, B2B, and B2C. The solutions provided by Divitech are planned and manufactured according to the customer's needs. The projects developed are innovative and based on latest technologies and products available. The experience acquired allows Divitech to be an ideal partner both for planning and for manufacturing custom-made radio-localization solutions, or to supply separate software and hardware components to be integrated in already existent projects.

Divitech’s high level of expertise was recognized by their selection as the provider of Logistics Software for the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Turin and they are the provider of control room style telematics services to the Policia and Caribinari throughout Italy and Europe.