Millimeter GPS

Millimeter GPS transforms GNSS into the perfect tool for blue-topping and other fine tolerance work. With Millimeter GPS, the days of lost productivity, using stringlines or running manually off of hubs, are over.

Millimeter GPS combines the advantages of laser (multi-user & high vertical accuracy) with GNSS (multi-user & 3D) into one versatile and easy to use system. This patented technology improves grading accuracy up to 300% over existing GPS machine systems.

Unlike any other laser technology, the PZL-1A transmitter sends out a wall of light 33' tall and up to 2000' in diameter. Simply add the PZS-MC machine control sensor or PZS-1 rover sensor to your existing GNSS system, and watch your GNSS vertical accuracy shrink down to numbers you never imagined before. Need more coverage? You can link up to four PZL-1A transmitters for a total of 8000' horizontally and 132' vertically. Unlike with total stations, multiple machines and man rovers run off one transmitter, there is no limit!


  • Patented technology combines advantages of laser and GNSS
  • Large working range: up to 8000' horizontal & 136' vertical
  • Works with existing Topcon GNSS systems
  • Control multiple machines and rovers at the same time
  • Very user friendly


  • Up to 300% more accurate than standard GNSS
  • Increased productivity - fewer passes needed to reach finish grade
  • Lower investment - one system works for rough & finish grade
  • Grade to tighter tolerances and eliminate high-cost material overruns
  • Finish grade 24/7 even with minimal satellite coverage


  • GNSS / GLONASS / Galileo ready Topcon’s
  • G3 Technology About Stakeless Grading
  • “Sensor Freedom” a Topcon Exclusive

Millimeter GPS components

At the heart of the Millimeter GPS™ system is Topcon's Lazer Zone™ technology. This revolutionary system brings together the simplicity of a rotating laser, the accuracy of a robotic total station, and the flexibility and multiple user capabilities of GNSS, into one complete jobsite solution!


 PZL-1A Positioning Zone Laser Transmitter

Operates similar to a standard rotating laser, but transmits a unique Lazer Zone™ signal to provide a working range of 2000ft! Instead of a traditional flat plane, the PZL-1A provides an incredible measuring area of 33ft in height! You can even link up to four laser transmitters for use on large sites to cover a distance of nearly 8000ft with elevation changes of over 130ft! No more taking time out to reposition your laser. With the PZL-1A, multiple rovers can use the same transmitter, even at different elevations for continuous production!

PZS-1 Positioning Zone Sensor (for Mobile Rover Applications)

Instantly computes precise vertical information from the PZL-1A laser transmitter. Using Lazer Zone™ technology, the PZS-1 automatically determines elevation based on your job site control, so there's no need for a moveable mast or grade rod. Mount the PZS-1 to your range pole, where it receives the PZL-1A laser signal and wirelessly transmits data to your existing HiPer rover!

PZS-MC Positioning Zone Sensor (for Machine Control Applications)

Mount the PZS-MC to your grader or dozer to replace your machine-mounted GNSS antenna and benefit from Lazer Zone technology. The PZL-1A transmitter can operate multiple PZS-MC equipped machines, providing continuous, high-speed, high-precision control throughout the job site! The smart Lazer Zone™ technology can distinguish signals from different transmitters for hassle-free, precision grading.

For use with Motor Graders, Dozers, Dirt Trimmers, and Milling Machines.

Millimeter GPS
An EASY upgrade to Topcon's G63 Motor Grader and Z63 Bulldozer 3D GNSS systems

Topcon's 3D Millimeter GPS grade control system is a seamless upgrade to Topcon's 3D GNSS based G63 Motor Grader and Z63 Bulldozer grade control systems.

GX-60 - the World's easiest-to-use operator's interface

Topcon's G63 and Z63 3D grade control systems feature the most advanced Operator interface available, Topcon's GX-60 touch sensitive control box. Light and compact with a full-color LCD touch sensitive screen, Topcon's GX-60 is a fully functioning Windows® computer that provides the operator with real-time grade information and control. Constructed of a strong cast housing and sealed internals, the GX-60 will be a refreshingly simple alternative to other operator interfaces.

GX-60 control box features include:

  • 512 Mb Internal Compact Flash Drive
  • 650 MHz Intel CPU
  • Windows XP Operating System
  • USB, Ethernet, RS-485, CAN, and RS-232 ports
  • Sealed Housing with Gortex Vent
  • Audio Speaker
  • Internal Backup Battery
  • Ambient Light Sensor for Sharp Contrast on the Display
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology

 MCR-3 – Machine Control Receiver 3

Topcon's MCR-3 is the heart of Topcon's 3D GNSS system. Providing either solid brackets for permanent mounting or magnetic mounting for portability, the MC-R3 contains all of the GNSS receivers, radios, and controllers in a single "built to last" housing. A built-in MINTER panel provides status lights and function keys for easy performance verification and system checks. The MCR-3 also features an Ethernet port, increased processing power over the previous generation box, and additional valve drivers to account for the widest array of machine compatibility.


Supply Voltage 10-30 Volts
Operating Temperature -20 to 60 Celsius
Water Proof MIL STD 810D Method 506 or IPX6
Standard 1 year
Automatic Control
Valve Type Sink, Source, Servo, Solenoid, Danfoss
Valve Driver Over Current Protection Yes
Display 640x840 Color VGA with enhanced brightness
LED Displays Grade Indicators
Data/Memory Port Compact Flash & USB
Operating System Windows XP
Backlight Auto adjusting
Compatible Machines
Dozers Yes
Motorgraders Yes
Scrapers/Tractors No
Excavators No
Pavers Yes
Profilers Yes
Compatible Add-on Kits
Laser Receivers Yes
Slope Control Yes
Sonic Tracker Yes
TM-1/LS-B2 Yes



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October 14 2010
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October 14 2010

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