Advanced GNSS Receiver

Topcon’s GR-5 is ruggedized, high-accuracy, state-of-the-art GNSS technology for the most demanding Construction, Surveying and Civil Engineering jobs. It features Topcon’s exclusive Vanguard Universal Channel Tracking, the multi-constellation 226-channel dynamic tracking solution that provides automatic selection and tracking of any available satellite signal. And to top it off, the GR-5 features Topcon’s patented Fence Antenna technology for superior signal reception and the most advanced multi-path rejection available. All of this results in more robust and clean signal tracking for unparalleled results. And best of all Topcon’s GR-5 won’t become outdated when constellations come online including Galileo, Beidou (BDS) and QZSS.

With Vanguard Technology, Universal Tracking Channel and the Fence Antenna, the GR-5 is designed to deliver ultimate field performance even in challenging environments while maintaining unmatched accuracy, speed of initialization and fix reliability for RTK solutions.

Other GR-5 features include both cellular and radio communications for radio and/or network based RTK work, long-range UHF radio, hot-swappable rechargeable batteries and optional alkaline pack.


  • 226-Channel Vanguard Technology™ with Universal Tracking Channels
  • Advanced Fence Antenna™ Technology
  • High accuracy RTK with updates up to 100Hz
  • Fully integrated radio and cellular configuration
  • 32GB SDHC storage support
  • Dual hot-swappable batteries providing a full day of operation
Vangaurd Technology
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GR-5 with Vanguard specifications
Signals Tracked GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, SBAS,
Galileo* and Beidou (BDS)*
Number of Channels 226-Channel Vanguard
Technology™ with Universal
Tracking Channels
Antenna Type 1 Integrated Fence Antenna™
with Ground Plane
Accuracy (RMS)
Static 2 H: 3.0mm + 0.1ppm
V: 3.5mm + 0.4ppm
RTK H: 10mm + 1.0ppm
V: 15mm + 1.0ppm
Optional Radio Type Integrated UHF TX/RX, or
915MHz Spread Spectrum
Base Radio Output 1.0W, user selectable
Cellular Communications Integrated HSPA or CDMA
I/O Communications Class 2 Bluetooth®
USB and Serial
Data and Memory
Memory Removable SD/SDHC
Memory Card (up to 32GB)
Data Update/Output Rate 1Hz – 100Hz Selectable
Real Time Data Output TPS, RTCM SC104, CMR, CMR+
ASCII Output NMEA 0183 version 2.x and 3.0
Enclosure Magnesium I-Beam Housing
Operating Temperature -22ºF to +158ºF
(-30ºC to +70°C**)
Dust/Water Protection IP66
Shock Rating 2m pole drop to concrete
IEC 60068-2-29, IEC 60068-2-27
Vibration Rating Compliance with MIL-STD
810F - 514.5 - Cat.24
1 Patent pending. Multiple patents are associated with Fence Antenna™ technology.
2 The stated accuracy and reliability requires nominal observing conditions and strict processing methods.  This includes:   use of dual frequency GPS measurements, precise (final) ephemerides during post-processing, calm ionospheric conditions, unobstructed visibility above 10 degrees, approved antenna calibration parameters, and an observation duration of 3 hours or more (dependent on baseline length).  Accuracy and reliability may be subject to multipath anomalies and atypical satellite geometry, and GNSS Survey best practices must always be applied.
* Support for Galileo and Beidou (BDS) signals is incorporated and will be available through firmware upgrades.
** -30 to +60°C with integrated batteries.


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GR-5 with Vanguard - Advanced GNSS Receiver



GR-5 with Vanguard - Brochure
September 24 2014