Corporate Profile

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc., (TPS), Livermore, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Topcon Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

Mission Statement

To be “The Primary Source” of superior value positioning systems that significantly improve the productivity and quality of work performed in civil engineering, agricultural, mapping, and measurement applications and markets.

TPS Business Philosophy

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc., has a business philosophy derived from the term "Total Positioning Solutions." In general, there are five aspects of any construction project: survey, layout, design, execution, and inspection.

Topcon encompasses a product line that delivers unparalleled performance and technological integration across the entire range of any particular project. Coupled with Topcon's history of technological advances in the industry and reputation for superior product reliability, no other company is positioned better to provide a sixth facet to the construction process- a "Total Positioning Solution". Having six sides, a cube becomes the perfect physical metaphor for these facets of construction.

Go anywhere in the world and you'll find surveyors, engineers, contractors, geodesists, cartographers, governments-big and small-relying on Topcon instruments and systems to make sure the work they do is precise and under their control.

From survey to inspection, Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc., provides the innovative positioning technology that gives surveyors, civil engineers, construction contractors, and equipment owners and operators the competitive edge by addressing such critical issues as boosting profits, quality craftsmanship, improving productivity, lowering operating costs, and enhancing job site safety.

From its beginnings, when Topcon Corporation acquired Advanced Grade Technology (the originators and proven leaders in automated grade control technology) in 1995, the company, then known as Topcon Laser Systems, was armed with a clear vision of its future. It focused on the increasing role of integrated positioning and equipment automation technologies that would be required to meet the demands being placed on o the construction industry worldwide.

With the introduction of an amazing series of innovative positioning products, Topcon Laser Systems grew to become the driving force in the construction positioning industry. No other company would claim as many new product introductions over the next five years. In fact, no one has pioneered as many worlds' first positioning technologies as Topcon.

In August of 2000, Topcon acquired JPS, Inc., of San Jose, California, a leading provider of high-precision GPS and GPS/GLONASS products. Adding the world's best GPS and GPS/GLONASS technology to the world's most advanced surveying and construction positioning instrumentation line-up solidified Topcon's objective of automating the largest manufacturing industries in the world: construction and agriculture.

With the consolidation of the optical survey products, GPS survey products, and construction positioning products divisions in July of 2001, Topcon Positioning Systems was formed to create the largest company in the world focused exclusively on positioning control needs of the civil engineering and construction industries.

In addition to better serving its customers and market place with integrated control solutions from the beginning surveys to final inspections, the consolidation facilitated a creative cross-pollination of information and ideas that, combined with Topcon's unmatched engineering and manufacturing capabilities, provides products and systems designed solely for improving job site productivity and lowering costs.

In November 2004, Topcon dramatically demonstrated the growth that has occurred since consolidated by moving into a new manufacturing and office headquarters custom built for its specific needs. The new headquarters is located in Livermore, California, just a few miles from its previous location in Pleasanton, California.

Wherever you find surveyors, engineers, equipment operators and contractors, Topcon instruments and control systems are ensuring the work they do is precise, efficient and in control.

Full positioning integration field-to-finish: That's the goal of Topcon Positioning Systems.

Positioning our customers and potential customers to save their most valuable commodity - time: That is Topcon's mission.

It's time.